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Scoring that Interview

Teen Model Elyse Taylor

So youíve taken a chance and went to your local modeling agency and snagged an interview! Sweet! BUT the challenge doesnít stop there. The only way to get that much-desired contact is to wow the agency staff during your interview.

Getting an interview with a modeling agency is a very exciting yet nerve-wracking event. However, itís going to take a level head and poise to ace the interview. Leave the giggles, immaturity and giddiness at the door.

First thingís first: youíve got to make sure you have everything you need. Make sure to bring everything the agency asks you to bring. If you already have a date and time set, prepare your materials and clothes before then so that you arenít rushing last minute, which will increase your odds of forgetting something important. Make a checklist if you need to.

Get together your snapshots if they ask you to bring them. Remember, if they donít ask for professional photos then donít fret about getting them. All it takes is a digital camera and a parent or friend to help you take the right pictures. If you arenít sure what kind to take, ask the agency or look up the submission info on the website. They may end up taking your photo when you get there as well if they havenít already.

Interviewing with a modeling agency isnít quite like going in for a regular job interview. There is no need to wear a suit or business apparel. Most agencies will request that you come casual. This can be as simple as a pair of form-fitting jeans, shoes with a heel on them (2-3 inches is ideal) and a top that complements your skin tone. Guys should stick to a clean and nice pair of jeans or khakis, clean shoes (sneakers or boots, no dress shoes), and a button-up shirt or t-shirt that is slightly form-fitting. Stay away from logos, brand names, words and distracting patterns.

Teen Model Elyse Taylor

Wear your hair how you normally would. Just make sure it is out of your face. Wear little to no makeup.

Be sure to arrive early. In the modeling business, it helps to follow the popular saying, ďIf youíre early, youíre on time. If youíre on time, youíre late!Ē Allow plenty of time for parking, following driving directions, traffic, getting lost, and the millions of other reasons you could end up being late.

Practice good posture. Stand up straight, donít slouch. When you walk, walk gracefully and keep your head up. Good body language will show that you are happy, confident and eager to be there. Give a good, firm handshake and make eye contact. Greet each person with a genuine smile.

Donít get distracted. Donít get distracted. It may be hard but donít gawk in awe when you step inside. Take a look and observe your surroundings but donít get overly excited, jump up and down and act like a kid in a candy store. At this point, you need to focus on being professional.

When you sit down with the agency, it will be somewhat informal. When you sit down, make sure you arenít slouching. Avoid fidgeting and take deep breaths. Itís okay to be nervous but keep that to yourself. Show personality, enthusiasm and energy.

As the agency asks you questions, take a second to think about the question before you answer. Give honest answers and avoid babbling. Keep your answers concise and straight to the point. Speak from your heart and do it with a smile. Agencies love teen

If they ask you to do a runway walk, donít be nervous. Do your walk how youíve practiced at home. They arenít expecting you to be a pro at itÖthey simply want to see how your body moves when you walk. They will provide feedback. You will be the only one in the room with the agency when you do this so you wonít be walking with other models.

Let them know why you are eager to become a glamor female models and why you deserve to be represented by them. Emphasize your strengths.

After your interview, be sure to shake hands with each person present and thank them for their time. Theyíll let you know if theyíll be in touch soon or give you further feedback. Go home and pat yourself on the back for a job well done and cross your fingers!

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