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Don Pedro Presents:
Teen Modeling - Castings, Modeling& Finding Jobs
- 3 part Series    1 - 2 - 3

TEEN MODELING - How to Join a Modeling Agency

Teen Models

You think you can be a model? Thats great! Youve already made the first step. You have the confidence that you can actually be a model. Once youÂ’ve decided that you want to model, you should get organized. Although you may be resourceful and a good speaker, you still need assistance. Many models find a modeling agency to assist them with their careers.

Do your research. The best modeling agencies for new models are smaller, local ones. Go online and find at least three modeling agencies in your area. You want to find an agency that has an online presence so look for websites. This is one way to begin researching the agency. If their website looks shady, move on.

Contact the three agencies youÂ’ve found and find out when they do their open calls. Modeling agencies are always open for new talented models and should have regular open calls. Get this information and set up a schedule for yourself.

Go to the agencies. When you go, wear an outfit that compliments your body type and skin tone. DonÂ’t wear a lot of makeup and be confident. Be personable and ask questions if you have them. Find out when they will let you know whether they want you to join their agency. Make a note of the time frame they give you.

Take notes on each agency. After each open call, take a few minutes to jot down some of the things you liked and some of the things you didnÂ’t like about each one. It will help in your ultimate decision.

Wait. YouÂ’ve done your part now you have to wait on them to do theirs.

If you donÂ’t hear from the agency in the allotted time frame given to you, follow up with them. However by now at least one of the agencies should have called you to give feedback. If they want to sign you, great! Set up the meeting, READ THE CONTRACT and join the agency. But if someone calls you and they donÂ’t want to sign you, brace yourself and ask why. Get the feedback to determine if teen female model is indeed for you. If it is, practice to fix any problem areas and start the process all over again. ItÂ’s not always easy to find a good agency, but with some effort and attention to detail, you can find one that best fits your needs and desires and be on your way to a career in modeling fashion show. Remember to get your Portfolio shot at VIP Image Studios to gain that extra advantage.

TEEN MODELING - How to find Modeling Jobs

Teen Models

Numerous teens both male and female have aspirations to possess a modeling job occupation, whether it be walking the catwalk in the latest style or gracing the pages of a popular journal. In instruction to obtain to that level of success, numerous persons possess to attend casting calls, however sole a few really obtain to that next level. One of the biggest cause why so numerous models donÂ’t achieve that next level of success is because they donÂ’t realize how to suitably attend a model casting call. A casting call is the one shot that you have to excite a casting agent and getting booked for a gig.

make certain you are well kempt. This may appear like a no-brainer however numerous persons go to model calls with their roots showing and in need of a shave. Before you go to any model call, make certain your hair is freshly done, styled, shaved, etc. DonÂ’t think you make it solely on your good looks. There are lots of good looking persons at the model call. Gentlemen, make certain you are tidily shaven. provided you are growing a beard, thatÂ’s fine however make certain it is pleasantly ruled up and tidy.

Wear clothing that praise you. Wear clothing that finest praise your form. provided you are confidential, set up an meeting with a stylist and obtain some tips on how to frock your physique type. provided you canÂ’t spare a stylist, obtain a popular companion to aid you. DonÂ’t be fooled into reasoning that since you may be tall and thin, you can wear anything. obtain some external help to look your finest.

keep it simple. Your makeup, haircut or haircut and clothing necessity should be easy and essential. DonÂ’t exaggerate it. DonÂ’t try to keep yourself stand out by doing something crazy similar tiresome a lot of noisy colors or a Mohawk. You determination stand out, however that may not be what the casting agent is looking for. They see you, not your costume or makeup.

Be confident. You desire to be a model so show it. Modeling is not an industry that applauds modesty. DonÂ’t be intimidated by other attractive persons there. YouÂ’re attractive  also so show those casting agents what you possess to offer!

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